5 Reasons to Style your Space with Plants

by | Feb 8, 2020 | Plant Design, Plants at Home, Plants at Work

Plants. What a seriously incredible way to decorate your space. Not only do these guys have all kinds of health benefits (we can talk about that later) but they bring such life into any space. Life that no hunk of plastic you hang on the wall, no matter how nice, can ever compete with. Because they literally ARE a form of life. I know many people worry they don’t have a green thumb and that life is busy enough to worry about caring for one more thing. Okay, that’s fair. I understand not everyone is a complete introvert and happy to spend every waking moment thinking about plants, watering plants, cleaning plants. But guess what – there are plants that really don’t require much from you! The possibilities are endless.

So here, we go, 5 reasons plants are the best way to style your space:

1. You won’t have to find room to store them in your basement in 3 years.

Let’s face it, decor trends come and go so quickly we are constantly faced with either throwing things out regularly or storing them away somewhere only to throw them out at a later date. Keeping up with the latest trends is tedious and can get expensive quickly. Designing a minimalist space full of white and neutral colours will allow for plants to be the decor. You don’t even need many, just pick the right ones to be the features of your space.


2. They bring colour and vibrance into your space without any commitment to paint or expensive textiles.

I know so many people who struggle with choosing and committing to a colour scheme in their space. Or alternatively, people who do not want any colour in their space (I used to be one of those people). Similar to decor, committing to a colour scheme for your walls is only another form of following a trend – 10 years (or less!) later and you will certainly be painting again. If you have a big house it sure adds up quickly. Bringing plants in allows you to introduce colour without committing to colours on the walls.


3. They add subtle texture without worrying about matching different patterns.

Choosing patterns can be SCARY. I used to have zero tolerance for patterns – plain white, plain grey and plain black only. Patterns have made a comeback recently however are still a bit intimidating. Introducing plants in a variety of shapes, sizes and foliage types will naturally add texture and subtle pattern to your space and will seriously never not look phenomenal together.

4. They are perfect for filling those bare corners and are great for adding height to a room.

You know that dusty old corner that you are always desperately vacuuming before guests come over? Put a tree there already! Plants are fabulous fillers for those nooks and crannies that are to awkward to ever find something else to fit in them. Also if you get one that’s tall enough it really will make your space feel taller as it will draw your eyes upwards.


5. You will never be lonely!

Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch. But in all seriousness plants do add a sense of warmth – there’s something nice about having an item in a room that needs care and nurturing. They also add interest, are constantly changing and are great conversation starters for those awkward silences. This may verify that I am a crazy plant lady but it really is hard to feel alone when you are in a room surrounded by living organisms.


If you are a fellow plant lover looking for an expert plant design/interiorscape for your office or home, contact us! Plant Roost offers professional interior design combined with a love of plants.

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