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Biophilic design, Living & Moss Walls

Corporate Plant Design

Boost productivity – Reduce stress – Create a positive office culture. Incorporating natural elements into your corporate environment has numerous proven benefits. Let us make it happen in a way that is completely customized to your space.

Home Plant Design

Every home needs plants. We offer a variety of solutions including residential living walls, moss walls and curated plants that will add green into your space regardless of your level of experience or maintenance preferances.

There is nothing as perfect as nature. It is simple, beautiful and does no harm. It gives back endlessly and simply wants to be one with its surroundings.

Every project we design strives to bring out the beauty and benefits of nature and encourage a more sustainable world.

Our Projects

Sage Residential


Monuts Cafe

“I had the pleasure of working with Cara and have her assistance in designing for our business space, Zen Physiotherapy. Cara was able to make our Zen dream a reality. She had so much creative input in the design process, from design drawing to choosing colours and plants/decor for our space.

Cara was easily accessible whenever we had questions about our project. I was absolutely blown away and couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our Zen space. I look forward to working with her more in the future!”

Rhea Tomlinson

Zen Physio

“Cara was such a pleasure to work with! She is a creative genius when it comes to plants and art. She created a beautiful and attractive moss wall, that gets ALL the love from my clientele that walk through my door. You will not be disappointed with her attention to detail and ease to work with. Thank you Cara for bringing all your plant art ideas to life. The world needs more green and you are doing your part in such a beautiful way!”

Tiffanie Bruneau

Kinetically Whole Therapies

Our Blog

7 Plants for Plant Newbies

7 Plants for Plant Newbies

It’s very discouraging when you invest a little (or sometimes a lot) in purchasing a new plant and within a few months are scraping its crunchy dead leaves into the garbage. If you are new to the plant game it’s important to start with some hardy and not-so-needy plants to boost your confidence in your plant skills. Read more for 7 plants for plant newbies.

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5 Reasons to Style your Space with Plants

5 Reasons to Style your Space with Plants

Plants. What a seriously incredible way to decorate your space. Not only do these guys have all kinds of health benefits (we can talk about that later) but they bring such life into any space. Life that no hunk of plastic you hang on the wall, no matter how nice, can ever compete with.

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