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Preserved Green Walls in the Coldest City In Canada

Plant Roost Design was established in 2017 with the vision to help bring greenery into interior environments using zero maintenance preserved moss and foliage. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we understand what it is like to live in a variety of climates and the numerous benefits of bringing nature indoors. 


We firmly believe that incorporating nature into interior spaces can greatly increase our quality of life and overall well-being.  

Nature does amazing things….


Reduction in Fatigue


Jump in Productivity


Higher Well Being Scores


Reduced Carbon Dioxide in Air Conditioned Buildings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are preserved green walls?

Preserved green walls are fabricated using preserved moss and foliage to create unique and zero maintenance plant walls. They imitate the natural environment to help give your interior space a boost of nature. 

Do they require maintenance?

No! They do not require you to do anything. However, they will look best in an average humidity space to keep the moss looking soft and fresh. 

Where do you offer your services?

We currently offer services throughout Manitoba, Canada. 

What makes Plant Roost Design unique?

We are unique because we make everything by hand in our studio right here in Winnipeg, MB. We have become experts at designing and creating very life-like and unique moss pieces. 

What does it cost?

Every project is unique and will be customized to your needs. You can expect pricing to be anywhere from $70-$150 a square foot. 

Is there anything else we should know?

Due to the nature of hand-created fabrication, our lead time can take up to 12 weeks to complete an order.