Plant Roost Home – A Photo Tour

by | Dec 8, 2019 | DIY Plants, Plant Design, Plants at Home, Uncategorized

“All I want is a 750 sq ft tropical oasis”

Our house is small, like, small. I think some people have walk-in closets bigger than our house. But size doesn’t matter – it’s all about what you decide to do with it. We’ve been very strategic with every wall, every corner, even every ceiling in our house. Frankly I rarely notice that our house is smaller than most and I think that’s fantastic.

Of course having the passion to fill our house with plants creates more of a challenge than just using our space strategically – it adds another element that doesn’t usually exist in most homes. That said, I am a firm believes of following your passions and I never want to feel restricted just because of the space we live in.

Here is a quick and simple photo tour of our home to inspire and encourage anyone else out there who are in a similar situation. Maybe your passion isn’t plants, maybes it’s a collection of something else. Whatever it may be and wherever you happen to live, anything is possible with a little effort and unique thinking.


Small, simple, clean.


Galley, open DIY shelving, breakfast bar, high storage.

Open concept, modular, hanging plants & living wall to clear up floor space.

Open closet, bright natural light, DIY pine headboard, corner work area.

Wall-hung storage & plants, open shelving, modular seating.

Bright, natural light, Ceiling-hung plants, natural decor.


No matter how big or small your space is, there is always room to make it your own. Of course, more space means more options but it doesn’t mean more beautiful.

Plant Roost specialized in plant design from the smallest of homes to the largest multi-national offices. Feel free to contact us for quotes or pricing information.