Ubisoft 2.0

Live Wall, Moss Walls and Planters

Client Vision: Incorporating custom greenery through the 16,000 sq ft corporate interior including a living wall, moss walls and integrated planters. 

Design: As a large corporate interior space, the design possibilites were endless for ways to integrate greenery that would serve to boost employee productivity, increase wellbeing and create an overall more natural interior. The recessed living wall wraps the corner, creating a continuation of spaces when walking from one corridor to the next. The moss walls act as subtle play between the leaves of the living wall and its preseved green mosses allowing a gradual shift from living to preserved. All of the moss wall designs originate from the overall geometric theme throughout the space. The custom planters integrate perfectly within the millwork, allowing all of the spatial users to have their own view of nature right beside them throughout the work day.