Monuts Cafe

Moss & Living Wall

 Client Vision: Self-watering living wall and circular moss art logo

Design: As a health-inspired cafe, Monuts envisioned incorporating a lush living wall and moss wall into the natural and contemporary space. The living wall design includes a self-watering system that allows plants to blend together and become wild and jungle-like. A design can be seen within the plants with lines of Neon Pothos, Philodendron and Spider Plants. Birds Nest Ferns add interest and are great ferns that will not clutter the countertop with leaves. Philodendron Brazil add a touch of interest with beautiful variegated leaves. The moss wall uses a combination of deep green sheet, mood and reindeer mosses to create a dark and lush backdrop to the bright lettering in the logo. All of the greenery is clearly seen upon entry into the space, giving customers a glimpse into what Monuts Cafe stands for as a natural and holistic brand.