Residential Plant Design

Client Vision: Introducing low maintenance plants and natural elements into a newly built home in a contemporary and minimal style.

Design: With low maintenance in mind, a few elements were introduced to this beautiful and contemporary space.

A large Ficus Ali in an oversized ficonstone planter soaks up sun from the corner of the room. The dark grey planter complements the colour scheme of the home, while the plant offers an accent colour. Moss covers the base of the plant to enhance the aestetic.

A set of three living walls full of Ivy, Philodendron, Pothos and various Ferns were designed to absorb indirect light and outline the width of the large sectional. They also match the dark colour scheme of the furniture. These small living walls serve as living art within the home.

Linear and minimal outdoor planters were designed full of pastel coloured succulents and rich burnt orange grasses to mimic colours of the exterior of the home. Large corten steel planters are used to coordinate with the exterior colours of the house.

All greenery was designed to be easily maintainable and bring a contemporary and holistic aesthetic to the space that everyone will continue to enjoy as the plants grow and thrive.