Plant Design

For the Office

We believe plant design should be completely customized and designed to be integrated within your space. Incorporating natural elements into your interior environment needs to be both practical based on physical needs but also thoughtfully considered for how it will affect the space holistically. This is why Plant Roost Design follows a Biophilic Design approach.

What is Biophilic Design? It is a design approach that strives to connect humans to the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect nature. This can be done in a number of ways including the use of sustainable and natural materials, natural lighting, vegetation, natural colour palettes and decor. These design elements can be incorporated by small strategic changes to an existing space or by designing from the ground up.

 We are passionate about the numerous positive effects nature has on mental and physical wellbeing and are dedicated to reconnect our clients with nature – even when you’re indoors.

What We Offer

Curated Plant Plans

Whether you want to introduce a single show stopper tree in your space or fill your entire space with potted plants, we are your people. Every space has different conditions and it is important to select plants that will remain healthy and thrive. We will conduct an environmental assessment to determine your existing spatial conditions and put together a complete plant plan for you including plant types, plant locations and curated planter selection.

Living Wall Design

Living walls are an easy way to introduce an abundance of vegetation to a space. There are a variety of living wall systems available and each offers unique traits. Whatever your vision is for introducing a living wall, it is important to involve us as early as possible to avoid potential installation restrictions. Every project has different requirements and spatial conditions and we love designing the perfect system for your environment.

Moss Walls & Branding

Our moss walls are created using 100% preserved moss. They require no light, watering or trimming and are the perfect way to introduce natural materials into your indoor space. Every moss wall is designed to be completely customized to your space and can be any shape, size, moss types and substrate. We also offer custom logos, text, and anything else you can think of that you’d like to have incorporated.

Custom Planter Design

Finding the right planter can be tough – especially when you have a specific vision in mind or want vegetation integrated directly into your space. We love designing the perfect planter for your space that not will not only add beautiful aesthetics but more importantly will allow your plants to thrive.

Floor plans, elevations and 3D visualizations

Every custom design package will include floor plans, elevations and/or 3D visualizations of our design concepts. This will allow you to visualize exactly what our design concepts are have a clear understanding of the end result. We can provide everything from concept drawings to construction drawings (pending project requirements) which is essential for new builds and working alongside different trades.

Installation & Project Management

Every project varies in scale. We have our own in-house install team for small-scale projects and offer project management and coordination services for the installation of large-scale projects. No matter what the project, we will do the work to bring it to life.

How it works…